Fund Raisers

Fund Raisers (Please check Parties Link For Current Fund Raiser Package and Rate)

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to earn money for your organization? We think we have one of the best! We offer fun and recreation in a supervised environment. Your organization can rent the Holiday Skating Center privately on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evening for two and 1/2 hours of your choosing. We charge $9.00 per skater minimum of 75. You may charge anything over that amount your group can afford and that profit is returned to you the night of the party.

Because we are experienced in handling large groups, it is very easy for us to sell the tickets the night of the party for the amount you choose. Of course, you can always presale tickets beforehand. There is a 75 skater minimum or $9.00 per skater whichever is greater. The regular skate rental is included. This is one of the easiest fund raising events for the fund raising staff. Just hand out the flyers and show up to receive the profits.

Roller skating is a great family activity. Kids love to see their Mom and Dad skate. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Reserve your party dates now. Please give us a call at (760)243-9643. Our staff can make fund raising an enjoyable experience.